Monday, February 14, 2005

School is Good

Friday, Ellie had a great day at school. She didn't cry when daddy dropped her off, she didn't cry when I picked her up, she didn't cry the whole time she was there. She didn't take a morning nap (a first!) and she didn't need one of the teachers to sit with her or hold her. She participated fully in all the activities, even the one where the kids had to crawl across the room from one hand-print taped to the floor to another.

Saturday at Gymboree, Ellie was the first of only 2 kids in the crawlers class who was willing to crawl through the darkest, longest tunnel.

Today at school, Ellie was playing with a toy and a 1-1/2 year old boy named Tyler took it away from her. Ellie lunged at him and said, "Nanananana!" (Nonononono) Appropriate use of language! Sticking up for herself!

People ask me if I feel guilty about putting Ellie in day care. How could I possibly feel guilty when it's obviously so very good for her?


none said...

Daycare is, generally, very good for kids. My son started at 2.5, and even though we do have some bad days, it has overall helped.

I did a little informal poll and it turned out that people who started kindergarden late (4-5 years) of age had more socialization problems than those who started early.

Jessica said...

I agree wholeheartedly, Sarahlynn.

I might also add that, after Ellie had such a wonderful day at school on Friday, she graciously entertained my husband and I that evening, while her mom and dad went out.

She was the perfect hostess and politely giggled at all of our silly jokes.

Psycho Kitty said...


misskrob said...

It is an awsome feeling to see your kids "out in the world" and able to deal with situations on their own! Even at a young age, they really have the capacity to be their own person. It is a nice affirmation that we have taught our children well. Congrats!

thistle said...

That's so great. I'm so glad to hear she's taken to it so well. And as someone who worked part-time in a daycare in college, there really is nothing to feel guilty about when it comes to leaving kids in a good daycare. I'm sure it was good for the kids in the class I looked after--it was amazing to see them figure out things from each other and learn how to interact with one another pleasantly.

FractalGirl said...

Good girl, Ellie, good girl. :)