Thursday, February 04, 2010

Weekly Round-up, In Pictures

I fought the wall, and the wall won:

(Actually, I was throwing laundry down into the basement and . . . misjudged the angle. But that song I just put in your head? You're welcome!)

Big girl bed! Baa included.

And the glasses, once more, with feeling:

(Ellie's feeling is that she'd really rather not wear them.)


Barrie said...

did you end up with a headache? Also...I think Ellie's glasses are cute!

Sarahlynn said...

I did! And I expected an impressive bruise with large bump. Surprisingly, you could hardly see the injury at all the next day (though it's still a little sore a week later).

I like Ellie's glasses, too, but haven't figured out how to get her to keep them on. Sigh.

Krupskaya said...

Maia has Ellie's shirt! She has, like, FIVE of those tunic-and-legging combos! CUTE! And we're picking up Maia's first pair of glasses today.

RobMonroe said...

Big changes for both of the girls. I hope that your noggin knock has healed up nicely by now. :o)

Anne Fernald said...

I had to wear my glasses with an elastic strap around the back of my head! I loved them, but kept breaking them. My dad called me "four-eyes" when I got them and I swelled with pride. After all, 4 is a lot more than 2.

Ellie looks very sweet with them. Good luck keeping them on!

Sarahlynn said...

A croakie! Shudder. I had to wear one for basketball. My dad wore one for all sports, from running to hanging out at the beach.

The "WedGees" are horribly named but working well. Perhaps the glasses can go to school on Monday.

Jessica said...

Ouch! Totally something that would happen to me.

Is Ellie feeling better? I would like to come play with both girls soon.

Sarahlynn said...

We're all feeling much better and would love to see you!