Tuesday, February 23, 2010

She Flies Like a Bird

Ada's preschool is doing a winter Olympics unit this week. Today they competed in "ice skating" (after taping paper plates to their shoes) and made gold medals to hang around their necks. Each child got to choose his/her own medal-worthy event. Ada's was "Eating toast for breakfast."

When we got home we made lunch together, then she carried her plate over to "the little table" in the TV room. We use this for special occasions like popcorn on movie night and 6:00 am weekend breakfasts in front of cartoons while Mommy and Daddy try to sneak a little more sleep.

"I wanna watch the 'lympics, Mommy," she said, digging into her yogurt. I'm not going to deny that request! It's rare that anyone is excited to watch my favorite televised entertainment with me.

It soon became apparent that she wanted to watch last night's rebroadcast of ice dancing.

"That's MY show, Mommy, not your show."

No argument from me on that one. I fast-forwarded to Virtue and Minor so she could see the gold medal performance before nap time.

"Look at that pretty princess dress, Mommy! That's a really pretty princess dress. It's just like an underwear shirt!"

I love my baby girl.

We also got to start an interesting discussion I'd hoped to put off for several more years. Men's Team Large Hill ski jumping came on as I fast forwarded to ice dancing. She liked watching the athletes fly through the air.

"Dat's a girl, Mommy?" Ada's really into figuring out who's a boy and who's a girl lately. She's also playing with pronouns and inventing her very own "jokes" about gender (like mixing a girl's name with "him" and watching me slyly to see if I pick up on the subtle switch).

"Nope, that's a boy. His name is Michael."

"When da girls gonna jump?"

"Women don't do this type of ski jumping at the Olympics."

"Why not?"

I don't know.


Krupskaya said...

Maia asked if "girls dance with girls and boys dance with boys" during the ice skating routines. I said they didn't, and she said, "Why not? They SHOULD!"

Sarahlynn said...

:) I like that they do allow that in So You Think You Can Dance.

Anonymous said...

Outrageous! (no women's ski jumping)

Hilarious! (eating toast for breakfast gold medal event)

Carmie said...

I didnt know about the women's jumping, so thanks for the link. uuugh, we've got a long way to go still.

I loved that first comment here. It's so great how children find it perfectly normal for boys to be with boys and girls with girls. Only as adults do we find reasons as to why that'd be a bad thing. Long way to go there, too!

Sarahlynn said...

Kim, I know; she's so funny!

Carmie, a friend was teaching 2nd-3rd grade Bible study last night and doing the story of 12-year-old Jesus left at the temple in Jerusalem, at "his father's" house and the kids got on the topic of Jesus having two fathers. One little Presbyterian said, "I thought when someone has two daddies they don't usually have a mommy, too." My friend was like, whoa, this conversation took an unexpected turn!