Monday, February 08, 2010

More City Museum

I've blogged about The City Museum. (also here)

But the place really defies explanation. If you ever find yourself anywhere near St. Louis, please make a point of stopping by. You won't regret it!

Or maybe you will. I can't imagine how The City Museum insures itself. Imagine a community of contemporary sculpture artists. And some creative kids. And an old-school playground with plenty of metal bits and a notable lack of safety equipment. Throw in some lovely tile work, open it to the public, and you're definitely on the right track.

We've been before and always had a great time.  But the girls have never been as into it as they were this weekend.  Ada loved the petting aquarium but get seriously into sneaking down dark holes and crawling through underground tunnels.  Ellie, meanwhile, loved slipping underneath the giant concrete whale and slithering out the other side.  And she explored the entire network of tubes above all that white stuff hanging from the ceiling (see photo).  I was right behind her the whole time, even when my hips had about an inch of clearance in the tightest tunnels.

We couldn't stop the girls (didn't try!) from climbing a steep flight of stairs to go down a particularly fast and scary roller slide over and over and over again.  Everyone slept well that night.  My arms and back are sore from all the crawling.  And my knees are still bruised.  Kneepads next time!

Caves built within a historic shoe factory's spiral conveyor tunnel system, spiraling throughout the museum and stretching from deep under the building to many stories up a covered air shaft.  A giant outdoor ball pit full of recess balls.  Bars.  Everyday Circus.  MonstroCity.  The City Museum is seriously unreal.  And a good workout!  I'm glad my kids have the opportunity to experience something so fabulous and crazy and creative and . . . untamed.


Emom said...

Your children will never forget this! smiles.

Kathy G said...

I love the City Museum, but don't get there too often. It's really better enjoyed WITH children, and I don't have any left in the house :-(

Sarahlynn said...

Emom, I hope not! At the same time, I'm overwhelmed and scared by the idea that right now is when they're forming those memories that will last a lifetime. Ack! Turn off the TV! Put down that crappy book based on a TV cartoon! Let's do something, play something, read something REAL! Or, better yet, imaginary.

Kathy, I've never had so much fun at the City Museum as watching my kids explore the space. But the group we were with on Saturday has gone annually for years. Now most of us have kids, but they were traveling to St. Louis to climb around the museum way before they began procreating. I love that. :-)

But maybe you can go back some evening with your kids when they're home, share an adult beverage at the bar, explore caves in the dark . . .