Friday, February 26, 2010

Not Quite a Hat Trick

Congratulations, Canada, on a well-played hockey game last night!  I was bummed that I only got to watch mid-way into the second period before being cut off by prime time, but luckily it seems that I saw most of the important bits in the first half of the game.   

Gold medal count: USA 8, Germany 8, Canada 8, Norway 7.  Overall medal count: USA 32, Germany 26, Canada 17, Norway 19.

Also, I had such a hard time finding pictures of the unfortunate bits of the Canadian speed skating uniforms that I decided to take my own:

Short Track:

Long Track:


Anonymous said...

You're right. Those uniforms are quite awful. Especially the rear view of the speed skating uniforms. Ugh.

Sarahlynn said...

Yeah, they really didn't think through the short track rear view.

The long track uni is pretty bad when the athlete stands up. It's like a beacon flashing, "look down here!"