Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wiggle Wiggle

Ellie has two more loose teeth! Should be a quick cleaning at the dentist next month.

I continue to be amazed at how excited - rather than alarmed - she is at this process of losing teeth. I must just be at a different stage of life.

But wouldn't you be alarmed at seeing this much blood?

The tooth:

The hole:

The little sister who wants to have a loose tooth, also. Failing that, she'd like to wear one of mommy's curlers. (Yes, I sleep in curlers a couple nights a week. It's dead sexy!)


RAK said...

My little one and I just read Arthur's Loose Tooth. (A reasonable, in my opinion, "homework" assignment for pre-k, but not the book I would have chosen for a 4 year old.) She is now worried about losing teeth. I told her that she isn't going to have any loose teeth until she turns 6 but she's still nervous. I'll have to put her in touch with Ellie :-)

RobMonroe said...

I had begun to wonder what Ada's reaction to something that Ellie can (and is) do that she can not. Guess her answer is to mimic you! :o)

Sarahlynn said...

Becky, I think Ellie started a little later than some of her classmates. We were at music class on Wednesday with a 4-year-old pre-K girl missing both front bottom teeth. So the loose teeth might come more quickly for the little one. I don't blame her for being concerned. Will the tooth fairy visit your house? (Promise of the tooth fairy, I think, is what tipped the scales from alarming to exciting, here.)

Rob, you're right. Ada does not appreciate being told that she's too young for anything!

RAK said...

Uh oh, really? Everyone I know who has talked about their kids losing their first teeth has done so when the kids are 6. But yes, the tooth fairy definitely will visit here when needed!