Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fitness and Health Week 4

"You'd look really plain with straight hair." 

I reacted the way any fifteen-year-old girl would, upon hearing this from her boyfriend.  I spent the afternoon painstakingly straightening my hair.  I did it the only way I knew how: using my small curling iron on centimeter-wide sections.  It took hours, but it looked fabulous.  Then I convinced my dad to give me a ride over to the boyfriend's house.

"Your hair looks fantastic!" said his mom when she opened the door.

As for the boy, I doubt he even remembered his off-hand comment by the time I showed up.  No worries; I did it to prove something to myself more than to him.

Twenty years later, I still think of the remark occasionally, usually with a chuckle while a hairstylist is blowing my mane out straight.

Speaking of which, I got my semi-annual hair cut this week.  I lost a few dry inches, alas, but the rest is soft and healthy (see above).  To tie this in to Fitness and Health Week, I thought I'd illustrate how I tend to carry weight in my face (last summer vs. now).

I'm not saying the fifteen-year-old boyfriend was wrong, mind you.  (Looking at you, Grey.)  But I think I'd look a little less like a "before" picture if I ditched the glasses and wore make-up.


RobMonroe said...

I like your glasses! (Anny's too, but you see how much my vote counts in my house...)

Sarahlynn said...

I heard wrt your beard. ;-)