Monday, January 04, 2010

Horses Built by Committee

Dear, State of Missouri,

Can you explain your reasoning to me?  I understand the concept of Prohibition.  I "get" dry counties.  I even grasp the reasoning behind disallowing alcohol sales on Sundays.  I understand liquor licenses, laws determining why certain locations can sell alcohol while others can't, and even the seventh inning stretch (sort of).

But why oh why do you restrict the sale of alcohol on Sunday nights after midnight?  What logic is behind that decision?  Who does it benefit?  What purpose does it serve?

On the other hand, who does it annoy?  I'll tell you the answer to that one: people like me who occasionally do our weekly grocery shopping late at night after all other family responsibilities are completed.  Or sleeping.

And now I have to make a trip back later in the week for the Yellowtail Merlot I so deviously attempted to purchase as 1:02 a.m. 

I did attempt to look up state regulations to cite here.  But that mess is ridiculously complicated (in length, scope, and verbiage).  Seriously.  I recommend starting over.  The first step is a simple statement of purpose in everyday language.  Now keep that in front of you as you write the law, using as few words as necessary to convey your intent.  Good grief.

--Sarahlynn Resident


RobMonroe said...

Yes, that is indeed a weird rule. Best of luck with that!

Orange said...

In Illinois, you can't buy liquor on Sunday mornings.

In other states, no liquor is sold ever in grocery stores. Can you imagine? And Minnesota has a ridiculous Saturday night cutoff at liquor stores. I think you have until 8 or 9 pm to make sure you have what you need for your party.

Sarahlynn said...

Orange, the Sunday morning thing makes a little sense to me, as a charming anachronism.

And I think it's just as weird to NOT be able to buy wine in the grocery store as it is weird how some states have drive-thru liquor stores.

But that Saturday evening rule is just wack. It's like we're saying, "Hey, this stuff is bad for you. But we're worried about the politics of outlawing it. So we'll throw up a few stupid and ineffectual - but inconvenient - roadblocks to annoy you instead of doing something more constructive."

RobMonroe said...

Tee hee - we live under the "no alcohol in grocery stores" AND drive-through liquor stores!

In Virginia you can buy beer and wine at grocery stores and gas stations, but hard liquor only at state-run ABC stores, which are closed on Sundays.

I'm just glad that I drink so rarely that it's usually pretty planned out and I have time to purchase at my convenience.

Anonymous said...

I always resented that. If the goyim don't wanna buy booze on Sunday, bless their little hearts. But I didn't get circumcised for _nothing_. I want my friggin' Bushmills.

Sarahlynn said...

Perhaps there can be a special regulation at bars and liquor stores whereby if you can prove you're Jewish . . .