Monday, January 25, 2010


Inquiring mind wants to know:

1) How often do you clean your bathrooms?

2) Clorox wipes, cloth rags and spray bottle, or sponge and bucket?

3) And how do you care for your granite counters?

4) How often do you wash your hair?

5) How much time do you spend on Facebook or reading blogs every day?  (I figure most people underestimate this figure.)

6) What's one thing you want to learn more about but somehow never make the time to study?


Sarahlynn said...

I switched from a sponge and bucket with pine sol to spray cleanser and rags. I do that - VERY thoroughly at least once a month. I use Clorox wipes all over the bathroom - enemy of the earth that I am - at least weekly (more frequently if it needs it or company's coming).

I currently use a gentle granite cleaner on my counter but am not convinced it gets my bathroom counters as clean as bleach or other strong cleansers. (I'm a little obsessive about bathroom germs, have you noticed?)

I wash my hair a few times a week, more often as needed (e.g. I've been swimming, etc.). But with hair this long, it dries out if I wash it daily.

So much! At the moment, and very broadly: world history, art, reading the classics I've missed, brushing up on basic philosophy.

Orange said...

1) Ooh, not often enough. I need to get a cleaning lady again. I liked that.

2) No granite here.

3) 6-7 times a week.

4) Uh, I dunno, 2 to 10 hours? I write a couple blogs too.

5) Eh.

Sarahlynn said...

I miss that, too! Ah, the DINK days.

I forgot to answer the Facebook/blog question. I actually spend a fair amount of time writing and administering blogs. But reading them? I do that maybe once a week, scanning through to catch up while doing something else (like watching a movie with the family on a Friday night if I've seen it before).

As for Facebook, status updates roll through my iGoogle page along with news headlines, weather forecasts, new emails, etc. So I see (and sometimes comment on) status updates but don't click through to Facebook itself very often.

Krupskaya said...

1. Once a week, ideally.

2. Baking soda and vinegar. If there's pee on the floor or a gross post-toothbrushing spot on the sink, I use a flushable toddler wipe to clean it up.

3. No granite here.

4. Four times a week, tops. When I worked oustide the home, I washed it every day (I have thin, fine hair).

5. I would guess about 8 hours, total. I usually have about six browser windows open at any one time, and one of them is usually FB. So I'm "on" it, but not interacting with it.

6. Another language.

Sarahlynn said...

I'm with you: once a week is ideal. An ideal I fail to meet, though . . .

And I really wish I could learn another language. I have some sort of learning block, I believe.

Amanda said...

1. Once a week.

2. Shower plus whatever bleachy thing I've purchased - since all the details are in Korean, I grab something bathroom or kitchen like and then use it for absolutely everything until it is gone. Korean bathrooms just have a showerhead that you use in the room itself, which is incredibly handy when you clean as it reaches everywhere.

3. Couldn't pick granite out of a line up if I tried.

4. Mostly every day. It's short and thinned out a scary amount over the past year, so it needs it.

5. Probably 4-6 hours. I usually watch TV at the same time.

6. Lit., science, math refresher, everything really.

RobMonroe said...

1 - Every ten days or so - more if we *know* company is coming, which is 50% of the time that company comes over...

2 - This is a source of contention in our marriage. (I know, if that's the only thing we have to play-fight about, we're doing pretty well. We are indeed.) I'm a clorox wiper, into the trash. She's a rag-and-spay kind of girl. Match made in... the toilet? Wait. I'm rambling. We use a Toilet Wand on the insides of the toilet. I do the floors as needed, usually during bath time.

3 - We have Corian - usually a wipe down with a washcloth gets all of the "stuff" and a clorox wipe gets the gross stuff. I know, the green-types that we are, and we use disposable wipes for all of this! We compost a LOT to make up for it.

4 - Ugh. I hate my scalp. I can wash every day or once a week and it's still flaky. (There, I said it. Phew.) Usually every-other-day works for me.

5 - Ruh-Roh. Did Anny put you up to this one? (And did you see my bath-time post last week?) I have Facebook open for about 8 hours a day, mostly at work. When I'm home, I pop in at food breaks - breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner. Blogs - I don't follow enough to take up too much time. Probably an hour a day?

6 - I really wish that I could go further with my signing, but Abby is sort of over it and thus my practical motivation is gone.

Phew - sorry for the full fledged blog post in your comment section!

Amy said...

1) As often as they need it - the crud level gets to a point where I have to clean it about once every 10 days to 2 weeks. I wipe down in between, and spruce it up if someone is coming over.

2) Cloth rags and spray bottle - specifically my husband's old t-shirts, some old sheets we cut up, and old socks (great for dusting!)

3) I wish I had granite counters.

4) Every day. Any less and it gets greasy. I've tried going "no poo" but I couldn't.

5) OMG, I don't want to know. WAY too much.

6) I wish I had a better understanding of politics, but, like sports, I can't keep all the players straight in my head.

grace said...

1) Honestly, only about once a month. Gross, right?

2) Rags and a spray bottle, mostly.

3) Don't have granite counters.

4) Twice a week, usually.

5) Several hours.

6) Hrm...labor history, probably.

HiddenChicken said...

1. Whenever I get annoyed enough. This means that I try really hard to wait for my husband to get around to it, but he forgets so finally I do a deep clean because it makes me nuts. Usually happens about every 7-10 days.

2. I usually wipe counters and toilet seats down a couple times a week with Clorox wipes. Mirrors when they look gross with spray bottles and the floor with a rag and bucket about once a month unless there's been poor aim.

3. We only have granite in the kitchen. We have a special cleaner we use every once in a while, but typically use Ivory soap and water.

4. Every day, sometimes more if I work out.

5. Way too long.

6. I want to learn Hindi and I think I should get my MBA.

Carmie said...

1) I aim for once/wk. Doesn't mean I get there...

2) Huge source of contention with husband. He actually uses toilet paper (then flushes it). I have an old sponge I keep for just the bathroom...

3) Wish I had granite!

4) Every day I work out (5-6 times/wk)

5) Lots. I check my email first, then FB, then a handful of blogs...probably a couple of hours in the morning and then spot checks thru the day...

6) I'm "currently" using the Rosetta Stone to learn Dutch so I can communicate with the in-laws. In between visits though, I get pretty lax. Wish I had the motivation to just get 'er done.

Sarahlynn said...

Amanda, I like that. "Everything, really." Me, too!

Rob, I recently got a package in the mail with something I left hidden in one of your bathrooms on our last visit, so I know how thoroughly you all clean and am duly impressed!

Also, at music class last week the teacher asked Ellie to teach us all a word in sign langauge. She put on her best blank face and pretended to have no idea what sign language is. I can't remember the last time either of them signed independently. I suspect that we, too, are over than interest. Too bad!

Amy, I like old cloth diapers, myself. I have some for dusting, some for spills, some for bathrooms - and woe to he who confuses them!

(My hair had an adjustment period, too. It used to get greasier, faster - so I had to wear it up between washes - but within a couple of weeks my scalp stopped producing so much oil. Thank heavens.)

As for politics, that's one thing I wish I could unlearn. I'm so attuned to it, it hurts. Nearly physically. All the time.

Grace, not gross! After all, it's only the two of you currently using the bathroom, so it doesn't get so gross so fast. I used to clean the way Mom taught us, but that bucket just doesn't seem sanitary to me anymore, Pine Sol notwithstanding.

HiddenChicken, I seriously consider my MBA every year or two. My old boss talked me out of it before I had kids and truly I don't need it for anything, but I want a Master's degree in something. Actually, I covet an MFA but can't afford one just now.

I have no doubt that you'll learn Hindi, given your facility with language. I'm jealous!

And thank you for the Ivory soap and water tip. I'll see you tomorrow night!

Carmie, I aim for once a week, too! (But I've never gotten there. Alas.)

Does Rosetta Stone work for you? Do you know any other languages (besides English)?

Carmie said...

I highly recommend Rosetta Stone. It does take a lot of time, though, so you need something to motivate you...I would aim for an hour a day of lessons at the computer. I would say with that method, you would be fairly comprehensible in six months.

Sarahlynn said...

I should try it sometime. (Like, maybe when I'm not freelancing in the evenings so I have an hour at a time I can be on the computer.) It's worth a try, even though I'm hopeless at languages!