Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Submission Guidelines

From a magazine's (current!) instructions to writers:

Do not use the italic, large-size, or boldface characters some computers are capable of generating.


(I had a deadline tonight, plus I cooked for hours this evening at Time for Dinner, after a day of keeping up with my two girls plus a spare that I'm borrowing for a couple of days this week. I had forgotten how much work infancy is. Parenting seems so easy when others are doing the work . . . Anyway, I hope to be more brain-fresh tomorrow.)


Orange said...

"Some computers"? Yes. I have one of those old computation machine that is not capable of generating italics, bold, or large-size characters.

Sarahlynn said...

Is it your calculator?

My old 286 from the late 80's/early 90's could handle italics, font sizes, and bold-face. Are there still computers out there that can't, or is it more about the word processor in use?