Thursday, March 26, 2009

"Spring" Break

It turns out that we didn't take very many pictures on our vacation last week. Oops.

But here is my middle sister's older daughter, the one who was born the day after Ada, modeling her new hat. I made matching hats for Arria and her new baby sister, as well as a coordinating scarf. Then I ran out of yarn. The gear was more useful than I expected it to be; it turns out that it's still winter in northern Michigan!

While I'm talking about yarn, here are the 100% alpaca arm warmers I made for my other sister's recent birthday (as modeled by her). I messed up on one of the cuffs and need to tighten the thumb holes, but these might also be useful year-round as my youngest sister is always cold. I love my looms!

Meanwhile, also in Michigan, Ellie loved holding her new cousin:

The playroom - and particularly the family-sized hammock - were huge hits as well:

In fact, the whole house was amazing. It may be way up in northern Michigan, far from (our) family and Middle Sis's friends, it may be very difficult to heat and maintain, it might have eccentric water and electricity, but that house is cool:


Also, to my great delight, the girls are past demanding movies every moment we're in the car on long trips. They're now interested in reading sometimes, and playing "I spy with my little eye." Woo-hoo!


sarah said...

wow on the knitting! what kind of loom are you using? I've never tried one, just knitting with needles and it's so time consuming. You've inspired me, I think a trip to hobby lobby is on the agenda.

Sarahlynn said...

Thank you!

I am completely un-crafty! I have no natural ability whatsoever and no patience, either. I started with a Knifty Knitter-like set from Hobby Lobby and am building out from there. :)

Both of these projects were created on the round loom, one in the round and the other as a flat panel.

I'm in the midst of a pair of leg warmers, now.