Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Flexibility Is Good!

Children thrive on routine and schedule, right?

But what about breaks, vacations, holidays?

They're magical! We should make them as special as possible!

Of course, we can't go to Disney World every Saturday. But we can talk about "Yay! Spring break!" and eat a little more pizza, stay up a few minutes later upon request, get moving a bit more slowly in the mornings.

Fun for all!

Except, no, not really.


Tonight we had visiting friends from out of town over for dinner/play and Ellie passed out, exhausted, when they left at 10:30. Woo-hoo! But the previous two nights we started bedtime at 8:30-9:00 and she didn't get to sleep until around 11:00. Those battles were . . . painful for all.

And that's not even the worst of it.

Monday, the girls and I went to a fun playdate for babies and preschoolers with Down syndrome, then took a special trip to Borders . . . wherein Ellie took off and escaped through the back emergency exit. This presented me with an immediate and alarming quick decision: leave my 2-year-old unattended in the store while I retrieve my 5-year-old from outside, or . . . what? I dropped my purse and the book I was holding and tore out the emergency door, shoving it wide, grabbing Ellie, and pulling her back inside before the door had a chance to shut behind us.

The rest of the day was OK, including lunch, naps, and a trip to the library . . . but the girls kept escaping to the back of the van and refusing to sit in their car seats when we were loading up to go somewhere. This was a battle I chose not to fight, since we weren't on a tight schedule, and after a couple of warnings/consequences like losing car music privileges I'd just sit and read until they came to their seats. Not ideal.

Last night was another fight to sleep, and today we had some more behavior issues. Ellie and I took Ada to school, during which trip she opened a random classroom door and tried to join the class in progress. Then we headed to Target for a rare and coveted shopping trip together. (Since Ellie's in preschool 5 days a week, Ada and I usually run errands while Ellie's at school.) Then there was a quick stop at Hobby Lobby for stitch markers and row counters (this crafty stuff sucks you in and the tiny little costs add up!). All that went pretty well, though Ellie insisted on riding in the cart at Target and stood up periodically, which she balanced by lying down in front of the door while I was checking out at Hobby Lobby. Relatively easily dealt with.

Then we enjoyed some quiet conversation over a table for two at Starbucks, followed by a trip to the park. Lovely, quality, one-on-one mother/daughter time!

Then we went back to pick up Ada. While I was helping the little one into her backpack, the big one took off. I wasn't worried; we were at church. She's comfortable there and knows her way around. But she got into the elevator and went . . . where? We tried downstairs and didn't see her in the Shop or any of the MusikGarten classrooms. So we went upstairs and tried the big kid Sunday School rooms. No luck. So back to the main level to check in . . . still no Ellie.

Eventually I found her, hanging out with the facilities and youth directors in the church office upstairs.


After that came necessary grocery shopping, which we all survived.

GAAAAAH. I think . . . I'm looking forward to the resumption of school next week.

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