Thursday, March 05, 2009

And the Academy Award for Language Development Goes to . . .

Ellie's on a bit of a Latin kick. By which I mean that she speaks in a little bit of Dora the Explorer level Spanish (like, "No embuje, Ada!" and "Ándale, Mama!"). It's always entirely appropriate and in context; she absolutely knows what she's saying.

Also, two of her favorite library books this week are Oh, No, Gotta Go #2 and Let's Make Tacos.

Let's Make Tacos is entirely in English and is an easy reader. ("Next I put cheese in my taco shell. I put the cheese on top of the meat.") It's just photographs of a kid and his mama making tacos for dinner accompanied by simple directions. We've averaged tacos once a week for the past three weeks, and although I enjoy and support Ellie's enthusiasms, I'm almost ready for this book to go back to the library. On the positive side, neither of my girls would eat tomatoes before, and now they both insist on them!

(Ellie's just playing around on the booster seat; she doesn't usually sit in one anymore.)

Oh No, Gotta Go #2 is addictive and fortunately I enjoy reading it over and over. I hope I memorize it before it has to return to la biblioteca. "My parents and I were out walking la calle. Mamá packed a basket, with every detalle, I sat on my trike and was ready to roam. I’d gone to the baño before we left home..." So lyrical!

The only downside with this book is the line, "'The salad! The spinach! The green espinaca! Why that means,' Papá said, 'she has to go caca!'" Yes, you guessed it, Ellie now insists on using the word "caca" as frequently as possible. Super.

Seriously, though, I'm incredibly proud of mi hija.

And since this is Friday photo blogging, I'll toss in a couple of pictures. Our church had an Oscar night pre-party complete with homemade pizzas, a viewing of Wall*E, and a red carpet photo event. Here we are!


Cate said...

love the boa!

RobMonroe said...

I've got a couple of the easy books memorized and we "pull them out" so to speak, whenever we need to calm down when we're out. Abby will almost always focus when she hears "the cow says ____" from Moo, Ba, La La La.