Monday, January 19, 2009

Inauguration Day

Stabilize the economy
(which really means to create huge, perpetually growing, unpoppable bubbles)
End the war in Iraq
Fix Afghanistan
Tread lightly - but firmly - with Iran
End the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Keep tabs on North Korea
Africa. (War. famine. disease.)
Create a new health care system
Solve the mysterious equation of our educational system
And don't forget to reverse global climate change.

Then we can move on to Week 2.

Welcome, Mr. President, and good luck!


Tracey said...

God bless our President!

Sarahlynn said...

And God bless the United States of America!

I watched, I cried, I yelled, I clapped, I cheered, I carried on in a most unstable way.

RobMonroe said...

As glad as I am to see Bush go, I'm glad that we could not hear the boo-ing when he was introduced. My friends that went said it was quite loud where they were, but they were on the other end of the Mall!

Sarahlynn said...

Rob, I was annoyed when I read about that, and I completely agree with you. I'm glad the jeers weren't part of my experience of the event.