Thursday, January 01, 2009

And a Happy New Year!

Ada was really into Christmas this year. She loved opening the presents (note that the children have denuded the bottom half of the tree of its ornaments).

And playing with what was inside the packages. (Doesn't it look like they're sharing nicely?)

But she also loved the real Christmas stuff. Here's her wonder at watching the family Christmas service at church, featuring the kids' choir and middle school bell ringers.

And, to her delight, a few days later, we got to do it all over again! (Paul's family came to St. Louis for Christmas, which was wonderful. Then we went to visit my parents for a reprise.) This time, she spent most of the day as a monarch (as opposed to Monarch, get it?) butterfly.

Ellie . . . was a little overwhelmed with the experience. She'd rather have sat and played in a quiet room by herself. Which isn't to say that she didn't have fun, when we let her take things at her own pace, letting her play quietly near us, and maybe taking her a present to open in a quiet room every now and then.

All in all, it was a very merry Christmas!


RAK said...

I missed you while you were vacationing from blogging; welcome back! Thanks for making my day with the use of the word "denuded" :-) And I love Ellie's pink cowboy hat!

RobMonroe said...

And how was the electric pen received? :o)

Sarahlynn said...

RAK, thank you! I enjoyed my break, but it's nice to be back. :) (I find that I use "denuded" a lot. I have no idea why.)

Rob . . . shockingly! (Everyone loved it.)