Monday, January 26, 2009

How To Register Your Child for Kindergarten

  1. Receive a letter listing the required documents for registration (four times)
  2. Attend an informational meeting (twice)
  3. Ask questions of teachers, therapists, special school district representatives, and therapists (as often as necessary)
  4. Receive additional copies of the required documents letter (nine more times)
  5. Stop procrastinating and begin compiling necessary documents
  6. Receive a few more copies of that dag-blasted letter
  7. Go to district website for more information
  8. Curse the organization of the site
  9. Realize that it lists a few forms not included on the damn required documents letter (lead level test? official letter from opthalmologist?)
  10. Freak out a little
  11. Get over it
  12. Compile all documents, write check, store everything neatly in a file folder
  13. Try to stop hyper-ventilating about having a SCHOOL-AGED CHILD next year!


Amanda said...

Welcome to school. More days and half-days off then you thought possible and a tree and a half of paper per child each year.

Sarahlynn said...

That sounds like preschool! Ellie's in school district preschool, though.

paulboal said...

14. Wait for snow to stop and schools to open again.