Monday, November 03, 2008


Today's the day! The sun is shining, the tank is clean and we are getting out of--[gasps]--the tank is clean. The tank is clean!

Happy election day.

(Why, yes, that is a Finding Nemo reference up there. For no good reason. But does one ever need a reason to quote from Finding Nemo? We had a whole month of Sunday School classes last summer on "The Gospel According to Disney/Pixar." It was a whole family experience and my girls enjoyed it greatly.)


RobMonroe said...

Happy Election Day to you too! Y'all having a party this year?

Sarahlynn said...

Oh, you betcha!

I had no trouble voting, and no wait to speak of. It was great. I chose optical scan over touch screen. And I took great satisfaction in filling in all the little bubbles.

Also, the weather here is heaven today. It's in the mid-70's and sunny, with a nice breeze. Autumn has finally come, so the world is awash in stunning color, with leaves swirling in the air and crackling underfoot. Ada and I spent an hour at the park this morning, glorying in this wonderful day.