Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas Card

OK, so Paul won in a landslide (purple shirt photo). Here's a first draft of our Christmas card. We usually have a beautiful, posed picture accompanied by some sort of creative letter written by me.

This year we have three tiny candid shots accompanied by an even tinier bit of text about our year that - do you see it? would you if I hadn't told you first? - is basically ascii art.

It's a lazy, lazy year, but we might be sending out our cards early for once! And that's a wonder because I still haven't found a way to get our list under 100 names. Sheesh.


Reflective said... can get 250 for under $20 dollars, so you don't have to pare your list down. That's my plan, at least...the postcards should be arriving in my mail today or tomorrow!

Chrystal said...

I think it's very cute. I give you props...I don't even TRY.