Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Time for Dinner - review

This is just a quick follow-up to my earlier post about Time for Dinner.

Verdict: highly recommended! We haven't worked our way through all the dishes, yet, but we've tried most of them (all but the Apple Butter BBQ Pork and Asian Chicken Stir Fry) and everything we've eaten has been very good. Great, even.

Not only is the food wonderful, but I'm finding it far easier to eat in when I can just grab a meal from the freezer. I was afraid I'd be unexcited by the prospect of eating frozen food and would want to eat out. Since all the meals sounded delicious and I was involved with preparing them fresh, this hasn't been a major concern.

Which is not to say that I wouldn't still be happy to go out for chips and salsa every night, though.


Rob Monroe said...

mmmmm. Fresh chips and fresh salsa. I can now blame you if I try to rope Anny into dinner out tonight!

Glad the meals are going well.

brooke said...

related comment: i actually saw one of those places here in logan the other day. i may actually stop in and check it out. i know, i know - i'm single, what kind of help do I need with making meals? well, i hate cooking for 1, and when i'm exhausted i just put a frozen pizza in the oven. i'd rather put a frozen meal i've already made in the oven.

unrelated comment: it was a pleasant surprise when i realized that the church you go to is presbyterian. i like you, and you seem to have similar values that i do. if you've been reading my blog you know i've recently left the mormons. well, the little red brick church 1.5 blocks from my home is a presbyterian church. i am really enjoying it, and a lot of what i'm reading on the pc usa website about beliefs and what the church is committed to. i certainly don't feel like i have to compromise my core values of peace and human justice to feel like i fit in. i'm enjoying it to the point that i may ask my new pastor - who i've been meeting with about this transition out of the mormons - to baptize (rebaptize) me. anyhow, i've been enjoying the posts on your 'presbyterian bloggers' website, and have spent time at links in the presbyterian blogger ring the last month. it's been a good way for me to understand this denomination i've found myself in, and to get a better understanding of where my pastor is coming from when we talk.


Sarahlynn said...

Rob, I hoped you enjoyed the chips! Do tomatillos have as much potassium as red tomatos?

Brooke, I think cooking for one is the best time to use one of these prep-ahead places, for exactly the reasons you mentioned. Before we had kids, when Paul was a consultant and traveling most of the time, dinner for me was often boxed mac & cheese or cereal. Not terribly healthy in the long run. The place I went had portioning options, so you could freeze your meals in smaller or larger serving sizes. Very useful!

Regarding the church, I'm afraid that I haven't been reading blogs lately. I hate that and miss it, but am apparently very bad at managing my time. Anyway, I'd missed your church posts, and am so glad to hear that you've found a congregation and pastor that feel right to you.

The PC(USA) is hardly perfect, but it's a great denomination, dedicated to some really worthwhile social justice and mission goals in addition to keeping the conversation going between religious liberals and conservatives in this country. I'm proud to be Presbyterian!