Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Olympics Are Hard Work!

Man, this pace is grueling. I'm exhausted from sitting on my couch and watching so many hours a day of the Olympic Games. But there's not much I'd want to give up! Thank heavens for Tivo. (I don't have to watch McCain's attack ads or beach volleyball, which is almost as bad. And I can skip ahead to the last round in the synchronized diving.)

A note to people I connect with in real life, like my children: you'll hear back from me in a couple of weeks, after it's all over and I've slept it off.

In the meantime, here's some helpful advice: How to Recycle an Old T Shirt Into a Sexy Bikini.

Don't throw that oversized and sloppy old t-shirt out just yet. You can make a neat bikini out of it with basic sewing skills and a pair of scissors. Here is how.

On a related note: How to Get a Bikini Worthy Body.
1. # Start eating healthy food.

(and so forth)

Hey, I eat healthy food. I just eat a lot of crap, too. It's the Olympics! What better way to celebrate than on the couch with rotel cheese dip and tortillas?!!


Orange said...

How on earth do those t-shirt bikini bottoms not droop down to the knees the second a drop of water hits 'em?

Anonymous said...

When you read all the way down, it tells you not to actually go in the water in this swimsuit.

Which makes it underwear.

And that model is awfully skinny.

Sarahlynn said...

Yes, a "swim suit" that can't get wet is oh-so-useful.

PPB, no! She has a "bikini-worthy-body!" Which she got by eating healthy food!

(Just not, apparently, enough of it.)

Kathy G said...

I love the comment that says...
"Will not transform you into a hotty". Who woulda thought?

Sarahlynn said...

Yeah, bummer. What's the point, then?!