Sunday, June 10, 2007

Trendy Bob

I just had my hair cut, and I am miserable, but I am not crying about it because certainly there are more serious things for me to be upset about.

Like my marriage. And Ellie's passport still not being here. And the fact that I can't seem to find a place to be alone for even a moment in my own house, being blessed with a husband and two children who require my physical and emotional presence at all times. Oh, and the not-so-minor fact that my best friend's husband is in Iraq.

Now that things are in perspective, back to my haircut.

We made ourselves a budget two weeks ago. In an attempt to keep to it, I decided that the expensive haircuts I got every 3 months last year were a luxury we can ill afford this year, so I went down to Great Clips for a quick trim before our vacation.

I thought things were pretty clear. "I haven't had a haircut in 6 months, so I need some length taken off," I said. "I have some natural wave to my hair, and I like that. I curve my it under at the ends, and like my hair to fall about here when it's dry" (indicating a point in the middle of my neck, well below the chin).

"Below the chin, dees is goot length for you," she said. "And you wear eet curled under on bottom?" She went on to explain to me that I have a lot of hair, thick, full, healthy, I'm lucky, etc. And that the hair on my neck would cause the rest of my hair to curl out. So she was going to thin it. OK. For the first time ever, I experienced clippers on my neck, but I was not afraid, because Helga and I were clear on what I wanted. She pulled out a razor and did something with it while I tried not to notice.

Then she had me lean forward and she started cutting. I became a little concerned about how much she was cutting off in back, but she explained that it would be a leetle shorter in back than in front, which wouldn't be noticeable but would give the cut a much trendier look, like Charlize Theron's trendy bob. Uh, OK.

As she cut the sides, it became apparent that I was going to hate this.

When I'm uncomfortable with my weight (love of eating combined with newborn baby/lack of time for exercise) and the way that it adversely affects my chinline, guess what I want least? A super-short haircut that hits the middle of my cheek when dry and leaves my entire neck exposed.

Especially when I'm about to go on vacation to somewhere humid, where I expected my natural curls to fly wild and free around my head in most romantic fashion.

Why-oh-why did I not procrastinate on this haircut?

My hair is too short for a ponytail, too short even to keep behind my ears. Just long enough to get in my eyes.

Damn it.


Orange said...

I think that cut makes your face look pretty thin, actually.

But it's not what you asked for--at all!--so I vote that you cultivate a serious coupon-clipping habit and go back to your pricey salon. So at least when you're not having a single moment to yourself, you like your hair.

I love moments to myself and make sure I have hours of them while my son is in school. I can't recommend time alone enough. Love kid, love husband, cannot survive without time to myself. Sounds like you could use a friendly babysitter (relative for free?) on occasion just to be by yourself somewhere. Or let Paul take both girls for a walk for an hour each weekend or some evening. It's not impossible--you leave the house with both kids by yourself, don't you? He can do it. You need your time.

flatflo said...

Oooh, I hate it when hair "incidents" happen. Especially right before a family vacation where a bunch of picture will be taken! Perhaps hair bands or trendy kerchiefs? I have a burgundy embroidered kerchief if interested...

I did mean to mention at brunch that I love your glasses, though!

Amanda said...

As soon as you said "Great Clips" I cringed. I would rather go once a year to someone than ever to Great Clips again (crooked hair cut from hell). I feel your pain. The humidity hasn't been that bad over here but it did take some getting used to in styling hair which you won't have (time that is). Technically I haven't gotten it down either. There's this gel that I use "Redken Curl Boost" it helps. I got it from my stylish on the Loop. Thank goodness hair grows back. Oh, they do have kerchiefs over here that are like hair bands. I got one for my little girl.

Seasonal said...

There are few things worse than a bad hair cut, so I empathize. That being said, I think in the photo you posted, it's not bad! I know other people telling you that doesn't necessarily help if YOU don't like it, but I think it looks cute.

Again I am so sorry things are at a rough point in your marriage. I'm keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers.

PPB said...

Okay, first of all--I like it. I think all the wave is awesome, and it does make you look ridiculously thin. (You sure you had those babies?)

But you hate it and that's the bad part. Crappity. There's nothing like the feeling of hair falling to the floor---hair that you didn't want to fall to the floor--to make you think that chewing tinfoil would be a preferable way to spend your afternoon!

I, also, have really wavy--becomes curly in the summer hair. I have become a big fan of herbal essences cheapy version of curly hair stuff. I call it my "I give up"hair stuff. It's 2 bucks. It makes my hair curly but controlled.

I hope your vacation rocks!

Psycho Kitty said...

Ditto, ditto--I think it looks kinda cute, actually, but the only thing that counts is whether you like it, and perspective be damned, a haircut that makes you uncomfortable is a misery. I'm so sorry!

Good luck with the passports...oy. I seriously have actual nightmares about that situation, even though I never go anywhere anymore.


Sarahlynn said...

Thanks, Orange. I wonder where I'd find coupons for my salon. Hmm. Oooh, other coupons. That would indeed be a lifestyle change for me! I so wish I had relatives nearby. Sigh. We do have good friends, which is wonderful, but they tend to have their own social lives. Fortunately, we were just invited to join a baby sitting co-op.

Flatflo, thank you for the compliment and the offer! I have some kerchiefs and headbands too . . . but just now I'm not excited about seeing *more* of my face, you know? I was loving the relative camoflage of longer hair.

Thank you, Seasonal. :)

Amanda, humorously (in retrospect) my worst haircut ever was a very expensive one. It was so bad - my hair was actually cut above my ear on one side, and several inches below my ear on the other side! (This was the 80's, so mullets were quite fashionable. Really.)

PPB, of course I'm jutting my face way out away from my neck in the photo. In actuality, my face blends right into my shoulders with no chin or neck to speak of. Thank you for the compliments! I am going to be looking for that herbal essences stuff tomorrow. My middle name should be cheapy. But that might imply something worse than Scottish/stingy.

Thanks, PK. It's not the end of the world, but I do feel like I have a large triangle around my head, especially as the humidity builds and the ends fluff up and out more.

It's officially Tuesday, Travel Day, and still no passport. I have a Fed Ex tracking number and assurances that the passport is on its way . . . but so far nothing is showing in the Fed Ex system. I think I'll go to bed.

ccw said...

I also think the hair cut is slims your face. However, that means nothing since you are uncomfortable with the style. I hope that it grows into something you love quickly.

If you find a place for solitude in your house, please pass it on because there seems to be no place in mine.

Kristi said...

Some things are worth paying for, and some things are not. Feeling good about yourself, definitely worth paying for. Besides, you weren't getting like $1000 haircuts before were you? I always feel kind of guilty that mine cost like 4-5 time what Merl's cost..but he gets his cut every other month and I'm doing well to go twice a year. BTW, I've had nothing but bad experiences at Great Clips too. Lately been going to one of the folks at the Dillards salon in the Galleria--decent haircuts, only $25-40 depending on who I get and whether they style it at all (usually I just have it blown dry and go)---nice middle ground :) Enjoy the vacation!

flatflo said...

I hope this article is still available from the Post-Dispatch when you get back state-side:

Amazingly appropriate!