Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sunshine, Breeze, Warmth

We were up late packing last night, and Ellie woke up ridiculously early this morning (excitement!). Paul took Ellie into her room to try to get her back to sleep, and we all fell back to sleep. Soundly asleep.

At 6:15 the phone started ringing. I was completely confused and jumped out of bed to try to find and stop the racket before it woke one of the girls. There's a phone in our room, but I keep the ringer turned off, so I didn't even think about it and just ran for the kitchen phone.

By the time I got to it, the answering machine had picked up, so when I answered the phone the machine started making a horrible screeching noise. It took me several long loooong seconds to find the off button, all while I'm speaking basic gibberish into the phone.

The laughing man on the other end of the line politely apologized for waking me up, then explained that he was at the airport and had a passport for delivery to an Eleanor, slated for "before 7:30 am delivery" and needed to confirm that someone would be home to pick it up.

We would indeed! And we had Ellie's passport by 6:45 am on the day of our scheduled departure.

In other news of great sunshine and delight, Paul's sister and her husband had their first baby today! Welcome, baby Abby!

Good friends of ours had their second baby yesterday. Welcome, baby Xavier!

Both births were natural, healthy, and, it seems, exactly what the mamas wanted. It is indeed a sunny day today.

Now it's time for my June blogging hiatus. Enjoy the house, sitters!


Rob Monroe said...

YAY for passports!

Travel safely!

Victoria/Beachcomber said...

Bon voyage!

I'm THRILLED Ellie's passport arrived. Talk about better late than never! Looking forward to pics.

Mojo said...

Hi...love the blog..greetings from N. Ireland!


Sarahlynn said...

Thanks, all! Also, nice to meet you, Mojo!