Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Well. . .

Maybe not every single minute of it. For instance, my beloved lass has been using the last three mornings while Daddy has been leaving early for jury duty to push at boundaries.

This morning, for example, has been full of joyful exuberance including filling a smelly diaper and not telling me she needed to go until afterwards (and then clapping for herself with pride). Very soon after, on the changing table, she decided that it would be a great time to wiggle away from me and stand right up, wiping herself on the wall, then peeing all over herself and everything else. And if you think the changing table is bad, you should see when I try to change her on the floor. Whew.

And I still have to wrestle both of us into clothes and somehow get Ellie into her DAFOs (Ellie's don't come up so high and are not pink) and TheraTogs (this is a new experiment that I am not loving) yet this morning, then off to school and work. I hope Paul's trial finishes up today!

Now she's trying to figure out all the wiring around the computer by pulling it out and wrapping it around her neck.


trisha said...

I feel for you, sister! Ellie sounds a lot like how some other kid I know behaved at that stage. It's funny now, sure...not so much then.

PPB said...

but she's just so cute!

thistle said...

Ellie's gotten so big! She looks far more mature in the most recent photo. And she's grown up enough to be difficult! Um, hooray? :)

Dreaming again said...

Psst: Ellie ... give me your DAFO's and I'll hide them in the back of my closet with my AFO's!
They can have a party there!

My AFO's are so useful in the back of my closet ...they keep that one dress from hitting the floor ;)

Hope your week goes better. Kids are so fun at this age!