Tuesday, June 21, 2005


I left Ellie to play in her room while I finished lunch this afternoon, since she didn't seem inclined to nurse or go down for her nap just yet. After a few minutes I realized that I was hearing a suspicious amount of silence, so I went to check things out. Ellie wasn't in her room, the guest room, or my room. Wait. Did I remember to close the door to the master bathroom? I don't believe I did. But it's closed now!

Ellie quietly scuttled across the hall to my room, went into the bathroom, and closed the door behind herself. When I found her, she was standing at the bathtub playing with my soap, but she'd clearly already spent some time placing her tub toys in her potty chair.

Of course, she had recently filled the chair with a truly impressive quantity of poo and I'd lazily decided that thorough rinsing was clean enough and I'd get the seat with an antibacterial wipe this evening - after all, it's not like anyone touches the inside of the bowl, right?

That'll learn me. Lots of Dial on the hands and into the sudsy kitchen sink with the tub toys. Then more following Ellie around while my little monkey attempts to climb everything that will stand still long enough, from furniture to short stacks of books. I love this. Every minute of it.


PPB said...

what is it about those potty chairs that just make them irresistable? ew. (but that little outfit she's wearing....too cute for words)

trisha said...

She is just so pretty! I am so happy you are enjoying Ellie so much!

Orange said...

Wait, I'm confused. I thought Ellie was not yet 2 years old. And using the potty? Damn, that girl is accomplished. Even without the Down syndrome, I'd be impressed with her communication skills and potty proclivity (ass-wipe on the wall excluded).