Thursday, October 07, 2010

Post-Racial Society

Most people don't think they're racist.

And of course many people think that racism is so over

Because I occasionally have poor impulse control I click over from a St. Louis Post-Dispatch news story to its discussion tab.  And I'm always disgusted by what I find there.

For example, this morning's news brought word of a man named Lavell Collins who was shot and killed in the city of St. Louis last night.  No picture accompanied the story.  But perhaps because of his name or the neighborhood in which the shooting occurred, the five immediate responses to the news were:
  1. Are they sure it is not another case of suicide, or assisted suicide? That seems to be very prominent in North St Louis it appears from all the deaths of fine, upstanding young men.
  2. More thinning of the lowlife herd in NStL. It is long past time for St. Louis to DO something pro-active against the proliferation of lowlife violent crimes.
  3. Was he on his way home from church or had just delivered groceries to his elderly grandmother? Just another day in the neighborhood..... lalalalalalal
  4. Draw a line east-west down the center of the City. "Separate But Equal"! That's the solution.
  5. WONDERFUL,MAGNIFICENT,SPLENDID,BEAUTIFUL!These are just some of the words I use to describe my feelings when I here great news in the morning.This is how you thin the heard,just hope these lowlifes don't find out that this makes most white people happy or they might quit the destruction of their own kind.

But those comments and the many many just like them on news sites across the country are not racist.  They can't be.  Because racism no longer exists.


Topher said...

Sigh, I understand. I have "friends" who joked about a black family that moved next door to them, and a single comment of "oh, there goes the neighborhood" can be funny in that context. The problem was that they kept referring to them as an issue, with comments like, "Well, they don't look poor, so I think he has a good job. He's not like a janitor or something." It was a mix of classism and racism all in one. But you're right, it doesn't exist anymore.

Sarahlynn said...

Ouch. "They don't look poor." head shake.

When I read the Post-Dispatch article - before I read the comments - my first thought wasn't, gee, I wonder if the guy was black. I was thinking, hey, that's near where my friend Chris used to live and we'd go over there all the time to watch Buffy.

Topher said...

You know it was a rough neighborhood :) I remember running a stop sign, getting pulled over, and the cop waited until two other cop cars showed up surrounding me before she got out to talk to me. I miss it.

Sarahlynn said...

You're more intimidating than I knew! Was this during the blue hair stage?

Topher said...

No, it was just blond. And hell, I was driving the Hyundai for crying out loud ;)

Sarahlynn said...