Monday, September 27, 2010

I really do intend to blog again.

Eventually. I have no real excuse. My schedule is a little different than it used to be, with Paul's sister, her husband, and their three-year-old living with us now. :-)

I'm freelancing during some of my "free" time.

And of course there's my ongoing evening sickness.

Which is not all bad!

I mean, it sucks and I'm so ready for it to be gone, but I'm looking for the silver lining, here. I'm not losing weight like crazy and the baby's not in danger and I'm getting plenty of nutrition, etc.

But I did discover that all of my old maternity pants are way too big so I went out to buy myself an under-the-bump pair of jeans to tide me over until the giant over-the-bump tent pants fit again.

The next day I returned them. And tried on two more pairs before I realized that I'm a few sizes smaller than I thought I was. Hip hip hooray! (More accurately: smaller hips, smaller thighs, hooray!) Granted, these are elastic waist maternity pants. But they're still "boyfriend" jeans and they're still a size I haven't worn in lo these many years, since way before I started having babies.

Maybe I'll even feel well enough to go out for a jog tomorrow.  If I do, I might reward myself with a "running for two" tech shirt.


Kristi said...

When pg with #2, I got a stomach virus early on and lost weight to where my regular jeans were hanging on my rear, but uncomfortable on the bulging belly. I bought a couple of those knit belly bands (Target now sells them) that reminded me of tube tops--just a stretchy cylinder of fabric. I could then unbutton jeans and use them like a belt. And I could wear them over the big tent-like maternity jeans until I grew into the tummy panels.

Best wishes on the baby!

Sarahlynn said...


I'm so glad to hear that they sell belly bands at Target now. I ordered a couple from Australia or somewhere else with expensive shipping when I was pregnant with Ada (who was large and came two weeks late) because I tend to get so huge throughout the belly that even the enormous tent pants didn't quite meet my shirts by the end.

I'm already in them now with my "under-the-bump" pants. (Flashing the belly when I lift my arms is just just not something I like to do!) Otherwise I'm pretty glad I work from home because I'm wearing a lot of yoga pants.