Tuesday, September 21, 2010


"Sarahlynn, it's great to see you. You have a certain glow about you!"

This is how my OB/GYN greeted me at my annual visit this summer and is how I learned I am pregnant for the third - and, presumably, final - time.


Because I'd sort of known for a couple of weeks already. I got suspicious when my period was late. But I was having fun on vacation. Until one day I ate some onion rings and my body revolted.

Then the altitude in Wyoming started really bothering me.

I tired quickly.

I grew nauseous if I went more than two hours without eating something protein-rich.

Then I was just exhausted and nauseous all the time, period, even after we returned to sea level.  The heat made me whimper and cower indoors.

And then I went in for my annual well woman visit and learned that I am a very well woman, indeed. And hopefully I will remain so until about . . .

April Fool's!


Sarahlynn said...

In the meantime, I've felt really really yucky. I've been more nauseous than I was with my first two pregnancies, and it's not just in the morning. All day nausea has become more afternoon/evening nausea as I've progressed through the first trimester and into the early second. I'm getting really tired of eating eggs, cheese, nuts, and meat, but it's protein I seem to need constantly.

I've had a few complications, a little genetic testing, and now all seems to be progressing well. I'm even sitting upright at my laptop in the evening right now. So things are looking up! And pooching out. (Minus 9 pounds so far, but the trend is surely going to reverse soon.)

Carmie said...

wait, so you ARE pregnant? congrats! that's great news!!

wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy. :)

Sarahlynn said...

Yep, I really am. Thank you! My running schedule has slowed considerably, but I'm hoping to get out for some gentle jogs this fall (as the heat breaks) then pick things up again next April or May. :-)

Carmel said...

great news!

I just had my first baby in mid-August and am just now thinking I can get back into running (haven't run since June). The recovery was tougher than I thought it'd be!

Looking forward to reading more blog posts now for sure! :)

Sarahlynn said...

Congrats, Carmel! I remember going for a walk a week or so after my first was born and feeling . . . wrong. Like all of my insides were sloshing about and banging into each other. "Hey, intestines, quit bashing my liver!" I am optimistic that I'll be out running within a few weeks of this birth, but I suspect I'm deluding myself.

Hope you're enjoying parenthood so far!

Cate said...

oh, wow. congratulations! that's great news!

Sarahlynn said...

Thanks, Cate! I love that the weather has finally cooled a bit; I'm much more comfortable now. :-)

Carmel said...

ok, glad to hear you'll still be running so you can run our TPNA race on the first weekend of June!!

Sarahlynn said...

I've got it on my calendar. :-)