Sunday, October 17, 2010


one Angelina Ballerina 7th birthday party.  With the help of some wonderful kids, their parents, and my own family: Paul, his sister, Ann, her husband, Rob, and my parents (in town for the event).

Ellie wanted to invite non-ballerina boys in addition to ballerina and non-ballerina girls, and she wanted an Angelina Ballerina cake.  As our theme we chose the episode "Two Mice in a Boat," in which English ballerina mouse Angelina is partnered with a pirate-loving boy mouse named Sammy for a boat designing contest.  They can't agree on a theme - princess or pirate - and hijinks ensue.  In the end, they're forced to compromise and and work together, of course.

So we too started out dividing into teams to decorate cardboard box boats with paint, glue, flowers, flags, etc.  Much fun and mess was had by all.  They got pirate tattoos or ballerina glitter (or both) then whacked at a ballet slipper-shaped pinata.  We opened presents - the first time Ellie's been willing to do that! Still, being Ellie, she generously handed most of her presents back to her guests - then headed back outside for games.  Each child popped a balloon to reveal his or her task (e.g. dance a pirate jig, spin like a ballerina ten times. etc.).  Then they played Pirate Pirate Princess, a game that bears strong resemblance to Duck Duck Goose.  They wound up with a little Pirate King (Simon) Says.  And - finally! - it was time for cake and pizza, the highlights of the event.

Ellie had a great time.  And I love love love love love making her happy.


Kathy G said...

What a great-sounding day!

You planned my favorite type of kid's party-a simple one. I don't understand parents who feel the need to go somewhere and spend a lot of money to celebrate.

Sarahlynn said...

Absolutely! I'm a big fan of simple parties. I try to schedule down time where kids can do free play, and having the party at home means Ellie's most comfortable (and can escape to her room for a little while if she needs to).

Also, places like Chuck E Cheese stress me out . . .