Thursday, September 11, 2008

Walk in the Park

Last Sunday was the Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis's annual Walk in the Park event at Busch Stadium.

There were 3500 people there in the DSA block; here are about a third of them:

My girls love going to Cardinals games (Let's Go, Cardinals!) Ellie loves everything to do with the game and the crowds and the food . . . and she especially enjoys being around other people with Down syndrome. Ada likes pointing out all the Cardinals she sees posted around the stadium. (For the record, there are a lot of them.) And she also loves the fireworks. Thank you, Albert Pujols, for that home run!

Here's Ellie with a crowd of new ballgame friends. (Already she's ditching her parents for a hipper crowd down the row!)

During a freak storm the other night, the weather station kept blasting a weird warning siren that sounded a lot like a particular cue from the ballpark. Ellie punched her right fist out, screaming, "CHARGE!" each time. Priceless.

Here's Ellie "Charging!" at the game:

Also featured: Paul's butt.


RobMonroe said...

Does Paul have white jeans? Umm...

Looks like everyone had fun!

Sarahlynn said...

Hah! Baggy cargo khaki shorts!

My husband, fashion plate.

RobMonroe said...

Okay! They look very not-after-labor-day White in the picture.

Chrystal said...

What a great sized crowd!!

Beachcomber said...

I love that picture of her with her buddies. She looks so happy!

Tracey said...

Ellie looks like she was having such a good time!! The gratuitious shot of Paul's butt was good photography. :)

Sarahlynn said...

It cracks me up that you're the fashionista, Rob! Plus, it's funny to imagine Paul in white pants. :)

Chrystal, yeah, it was amazing. So great.

Beachcomber, she really was. And those older girls were so great with her. Ellie really loves older girls.

Tracey, it's true: I'm an amazingly horrible photographer. I've always chopped off Paul's head, but at least he's tall. With my kids, I have no excuse!