Monday, September 22, 2008

Debate Watching

This morning I filled out my Rent-A-Center application. I'm sure they're busy calling all my references now, to make sure that Paul really is gainfully employed and we're not trying to make off with an oh-so-portable huge TV.

That must mean that . . . debate party season is officially on!

We'll start with a casual gathering this Friday night. BYO-something-to-share, or not. If you're interested in a blatantly partisan evening, you're welcome to come jeer at the TVs with us. That is, you're welcome if I know you a little, or it's easy for me to discover that you're really friendly and not a scary Sarahlynn-hater.

This is a warm-up party, of course. The main event will definitely be the VP debate next week, since that's here in St. Louis. We'll hang our diplomas on the wall and pretend that we're down on campus. Or not.

Hopefully all the party favors I ordered will arrive on time.


While Paul and I are politics junkies, we're absolutely not sports junkies. Or, really, even sports fans. I love the Olympics, and hard court volleyball. Paul . . . likes the Olympics, too, but just in an I'll watch prime time while I work on my computer kind of way. Both of us enjoy going to a couple of Cardinals games every year, though.

It's entertaining to us to watch our two girls, who are definitely St. Louis natives. They are both HUGE Cardinals fans. They are nuts about the ballgames. Ellie saw Paul in his Walk in the Park shirt the other day and got so excited, sure we were going to a game. She insisted on wearing her shirt, too. So Paul got tickets for the two of them to go tonight while I stayed home with Ada, whose bedtime coincided with the first pitch.

Ada thought this horribly unfair. She acquiesced, however, when I agreed to let her put on her Cardinals shirt and go for a walk around the block (or two) before bed. "Cardinals! Cardinals!" she says, pointing at her shirt. "Fireworks!"

Paul and I might be forever transplants here, but our children will be St. Louisans, through and through. I just hope they don't start saying "warsh" or talking about the traffic on interstate "farty far."


steph said...

Aw, man... I want to come to your debate thingies. I really don't think that I can justify the roundtrip flight, though.
Have fun with your big TV anyway!

Topher said...

I will be in New York for Thursday and Friday night before I fly out to a conference, and Corbett and I are staying in to watch. Who wants a night out when you can get angry at home?

Jennifer said...

Debates . . WOW! I sure hope I get a better idea on who to vote for! My choice is OUT of the running!

Sarah said...

I've been reading your blog for like 3 years or something ridiculous... I just joined blogspot. How do you get it to ping to stlbloggers from blogspot?

Sarahlynn said...

Steph, yeah, it's probably not worth the airfare!

Topher, I'll lift a glass of something blue in a northeasterly direction on Friday night. Have good time at your conference! (P.S. I don't know if you're an "Ellen" watcher, but the episode last spring where she asked McCain to walk her down the aisle at her wedding this summer was priceless.)

Jennifer, I voted HRC in the primary, and am still sad about all that. Fortunately, she and Obama are almost identical on most of the issues. So my choice is made, but I enjoy the debates nonetheless!

Sarah, a few years belated welcome, then! I don't know if there's a better way to do it, but after I publish my post each night, I click over to StLBloggers to see what's new. While I'm there, I hit ping manually. I know that Ben was working on an auto ping thing for a while, but I don't know if it exists for Blogger.

The TV is here! For most people, it wouldn't be that big. But for us, it's a beast.