Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Good Things

  1. Geico called today, and after reviewing the claim and taking witness statements (the only real witness I'm aware of who actually stuck around to talk to the police was the other driver's friend) they're accepting 100% of the financial responsibility. Woo hoo! I get to release my frustration and aggression, now. Now. Now. OK, it will be a process. But I am feeling MUCH better already. And less litigious.
  2. Paul has a rental car.
  3. I'm finally reading Anne Lamott for the first time, and it's great fun.
  4. There have been 3 official days of summer vacation so far, and we've done something fun each day (zoo, library, park). I polled the girls about tomorrow, lobbying hard for anything other than what they chose - the zoo again. We'll see. Maybe we'll stay in the children's zoo where they can run around more independently, or maybe I'll offer a larger prize: the pool!
  5. Ant sightings are already tapering off in my bathroom.
  6. A college friend of ours, who sang at our wedding, is getting married this weekend. And we're going! (Mostly) sans kids!
  7. The house is tidy, and has ended each day in that state since Friday. A week now! Ahhhh.

Writing and marriage updates are conspicuously missing, yes, but that's because this is a list of happy things, and not everything can go perfectly all at once! So I'll just post a picture of the sloppy but quick and fun birthday cake my friends and I made for Paul on Monday. If you can't tell, it's two Legos.

Also, Ellie's summer hair:


Anonymous said...

Hooray! I've heard dicey things about Geico so that's really great to hear. Also, cute haircut for Ellie!!

Beach/Vic said...

Whoo hoo about Geico taking 100% of the claim. What a relief.

Ellie looks absolutely adorable with that hair style.

That is a mighty cute cake. Mighty cute!

liss n kids said...

Anne Lamott makes me swoon...and then furiously begin writing! If you keep reading her, there's no way that you will have anything but good news on the writing front.

Also? Cutest kid ever.

Sarahlynn said...

Archphoenix, it was probably obvious over the phone that Paul and I are . . . the type to stand up for ourselves, not easily bullied, etc. Geico would have had a fight, trying to screw us over!

Beach, thanks!

Liss, yes, I agree! Also, I love the way she breaks all the rules (telling not showing, passive verb tense constructions, etc.) and yet it's still beautiful, compelling writing.

Tracey said...

Her new haircut is SO FREAKING CUTE! I love it! I also love the lego cake, very cute.