Thursday, May 15, 2008

Career Options

Ellie loves to play doctor, and she's very convincing at it. First of all, playing doctor involves Ellie briskly moving around the house, tending many different patients in various rooms. She talks as she does this, but she doesn't explain everything she's doing - much of which is quite mysterious to me - and she exudes an air of utter confidence.

If she decides to pursue a career in medicine, I will support that. But I know what a difficult path that is, both before and after receiving the degree. So I was glad to learn, today, that she has a strong alternative.

Using the squeeze ball and tube attachment of her toy sphygmomanometer (without the arm cuff) Ellie gave me a haircut for 40 minutes today. I love having my hair cut, brushed, and otherwise played with (unfortunately my last haircut of any kind was 11 months ago) so this was an excellent nap-delaying tactic. It might have lasted longer, but the phone rang and broke up the party. During the epic styling session, I was stationed on the floor in the middle of Ellie's room picking up toys and organizing them into their storage bins while playing with Ada. Ellie stood behind me, moving from side to side, one hand firmly moving, tipping, and repositioning my head when necessary, always explaining what she was doing. Periodically, she stepped back to examine her handiwork. Have I mentioned that this was super fun for me? Plus, I told myself, all the squeezing on the bulb (simulating cutting) had to be good hand strengthening/OT for Ellie. And Ada got to read stories and do puzzles with me on the floor while Ellie worked. Everybody wins!

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