Tuesday, April 01, 2008

StL Bloggers Carnival #9

The theme for the March blog carnival was spring break memories. And it seems like maybe Anna Quindlen is in the minority with her assumption that all college kids go away for wild and crazy beach vacations without their parents every spring. Or, at least, her kids' experiences would be the minority among those who responded to this edition of the StL Bloggers carnival!

First up, in Spring Break Memories, Nobody from Nobody's Puzzles tells us how Nobody didn't go wild in Florida as a college kid on spring break. Nobody does, however, offer us a little puzzle to solve. I'm pretty sure that the answer is that nobody could possibly have fun at Circus Circus. (Just kidding. That's not my real answer. Although I might still be right about Circus Circus.)

Next up, Kristi from Adventures in Motherhood sounds like she really needs a fun spring break adventure in My Top 10 Favorite Spring Break Vacations.

And, finally, Sarahlynn from Yeah, But Houdini Didn't Have These Hips warns about possible unintended consequences from spring break actions. Beware! And This Year, I Was Sick and It Rained.

I look forward to reading you all in April, when I will not be hosting!

The host of the next carnival is . . .
from Nobody's Puzzles
(who had a really great theme suggestion)

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