Monday, March 03, 2008

StL Bloggers Carnivals #8 and #9

I Do Love To Host . . .

StL Bloggers Carnival #8

St. Louis is such an old city, and so Catholic, I was sure that there had to be lots of old ghost stories and interesting quirks about the place. I'm not necessarily talking about Cities of the Underworld, but I was thinking, maybe, those tunnels under the park.

Or, at least, the story of Lemp Mansion or that time time the devil came to St. Louis.

So, as host of the February StlBloggers Carnival, I issued this challenge: I want to learn more about my adopted home town. I've lived in St. Louis since 1993, but I still don't know very many of its unique urban legends. Growing up, all the kids in the towns where I lived knew where an unlikely grisly murder had taken place, the source of paranormal events, that one railroad bridge where everything looks exactly the same to either side, and so forth. St. Louis must have *lots* of stories like these!

Perhaps, however, we all live in a land of brand-spanking-new strip malls, and no interesting bits of unique St. Louis quirk remain.

Except, of course, for the one that John at TransylvanianDutch tells us about in The Book House: Say Hello to Valerie.

So I'll try again with March!

StL Bloggers Carnival #9

The Carnival Rules:

Interested STL Bloggers should write a new post on the stated theme by the specified deadline. They should then email the host at the provided email address with the following information:

1) Name of Blogger
2) Permalink URL of blog post
3) Title of Blog Post
4) URL of Blog
5) Title of Blog
6) Would you be interested in volunteering to be the next host? Yes/No
6a) If Yes – what would your theme be?

The host will then take all the submissions that meet the simple requirements of addressing the specified theme, and having been posted between the announcement and the deadline – and link to them from one post, with some annotative comments for each. This post shall be posted at, and if the host wishes, at their own blog. Participants should expect a delay of a few days between the deadline and this post.

The host will also choose the next host from the volunteers in any fashion they desire.

STLBloggers Blog Carnival #9
Host: Sarahlynn from Yeah, but Houdini Didn't Have These Hips
Contact: ms_sarahlynn [at] yahoo [dot] com
Deadline: March 31st at midnight. Email should be dated in the month of March
Theme: Spring Break Memories

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