Sunday, March 16, 2008

In Sickness and in Health

They don't put that part in the vows just as filler. The sickness part is hard work! After 4 days of being mostly home-bound rather than being on an expected vacation, Paul and I are wiped out and a little snappish.

In addition to the expected miseries of being sick, there are additional miseries having to do with things around the house not stopping or slowing down for us. Like the fact that both girls have been healthy.

Never fear, though, Ada's got a touch of a cold now too. So maybe she'll be sick and cranky and need Mama a lot for the next few nights, just as I'm hoping to be able to start sleeping again.

Have I mentioned that this week is spring break for Ellie all week?

I wonder if maybe somebody will admit me to the hospital for the tail end of this cold? I really really could use the rest/break/vacation!

And my new book? For which I have readers waiting for a draft? Not making much progress, unless you count half-waking feverish panic dreams.

Back to the marriage for a moment, Paul and I have recently discovered HBO's new series In Treatment for free via Amazon Unbox. We are loving it. Loving it! Sometime in the middle of week 1, Paul turned to me and asked me to call our therapist (from whom we have been on hiatus since November) and set up another appointment. Apparently, we have work yet to do. That's true. But right now? Ugh, just getting showered and into clean clothes is a big day's work for me right now. Did I mention that I have a cold and I missed my vacation?

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