Thursday, March 27, 2008


It's warm and rainy here today, unlike Easter when it was cool and blizzarding off and on. Weird weather. Paul looked up the record highs and lows for St. Louis on March 23rd and learned that the record low was -3 and the record high was 96 (degrees Fahrenheit). We were right about in the middle of that enormous range this year, but with an unusual sky assault featuring snow, rain, sleet, tiny balls of ice, and other anomalies.

We were greeters at church Easter morning, and, of course, we have pictures of the girls in the their finery both before church and hunting plastic eggs in the living room later in the day (thanks to Nana for the dresses):

We've been having some strong weather around here this spring, including lots of rain and resultant flooding. (Note to Lisa: the nearby flooding has been in Valley Park. Which is, you know, a VALLEY. Though we live quite nearby, we're on top of a large ridge, on high ground, and have had no trouble with excess water.) (Note to everyone else: Lisa likes to tease me about our neighborhood.)

We did, however, enjoy getting as close as possible to experience the unusual event. (Note: the levies held! This was a non-tragic flood event.) The building in the background being licked by flood waters in this photo of Ellie is the Kirkwood water department.

Finally: note update to contest below (last paragraph). People I know: you have been warned.


Jessica said...

Dear Sarahlynn -

Please tell your beautiful girls to quit growing up; they are making me misty.


Sarahlynn said...

Jessica, I know! It's a bit overwhelming. I see them all day every day, and I can barely keep up with how fast they're growing up.

For the first time ever, Ellie's now talking to me about the things she's seeing outside the car, and Ada's singing along with the words to songs on her favorite CDs as we drive around town. Unreal.

Anonymous said...

I hope you can join our community "Support People with Disabilities" on

Will H.

Sarahlynn said...

I can and have!

Anonymous said...

Oh my....they are so adorable!


Tracey said...

Oh I love those dresses on them, they are gorgeous!!!

This Easter was the weirdest one I can recall with this weather. We ran the BBQ on Christmas, and on Easter it snowed. So very odd!

Sarahlynn said...


If I didn't love dressing like my sisters so much (right up until I got fat and they didn't so it stopped being fun, sometime after I was married, probably) I'd maybe feel guilty about dressing my girls alike so much. But as it is, I don't feel guilty at all! They'll let me know if and when they start to hate it.