Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Maybe Another Day

I should have quit smoking years ago. I don't actually smoke, but this week I sure sound like I do. Cough-cough-hack-hack-moan! Have I mentioned that being sick is a lot less fun when you're the mama? Also, I'm pretty bad at knowing when it's time to go to the doctor. I feel like I often err on the side of not going soon enough (especially with myself) and then over-correcting (especially with the kids).

I took 5 trips to the pediatrician's office in January, after having only a couple of sick-child visits all last year. On the other hand, when she was 2-1/2 Ellie had pneumonia for weeks before I took her in. Her only obvious symptoms then were a cough and an occasional low-grade fever.

Today, I sound like a wounded seal who happens to have a slight fever. Bark. Bark. Whimper. Sort of like our electoral process, actually.

Anyway, Ellie's been having accidents for the last few days, and she occasionally grabs herself and fusses a few minutes after going. I was planning to call her pediatrician about a UTI, when I learned that Paul has recently started giving Ellie bubble baths again. Apparently, the warnings that regular bubble baths aren't that great for little girls wear off after time, and do need to be repeated. If only there were indicators, like on my toothbrush bristles. So here's hoping that once the bubble baths have stopped, and end-of-bath rinsing in clear water commences, symptoms will clear up. Poor kid. I've really been frustrated with her about the accidents (which often come shortly after assuring me that she doesn't need to go) because I'm a jerk mom like that.

All things considered, I think I'll wait on calls to the doctor for both of us. Just like we'll probably be waiting a while to find out who the Democrats are going to nominate for president.

When Ellie was 12 months old, they actually let me take her to the polling place dressed like this.


Anonymous said...

That photo is so cute. One of those you bring out when your daughter is 20 and dating someone with another political affiliation.

Good luck with being sick and with Ellie's accidents.

Tracie said...

Ooh, I'm frustrated with your husband about the bubble baths! I'm very anti-bubble bath for little girls, having suffered from chronic UTIs (to the point of exploratory surgery) as a kid. You might want to take her in and get her checked anyway -- if she's uncomfortable and there is an infection, the antibiotics will help her feel better pretty quickly -- I know I wouldn't want to go a few days with that discomfort to see if it would clear up on its own. Okay, down off my soapbox now -- that Eeyore pictue is adorable! I actually took Rachel to the polls in a teletubby costume one time :-)

Tracey said...

Oh I love that outfit on her! SO CUTE! We occasionally do bubble baths but only with this product my mom gets from a pyramid scam company that shall remain nameless. It doesn't seem to aggravate anything, and the girl loves them so. EEKS for accidents!

I hope you're both feeling better and soon.

Sarahlynn said...

Thanks, Emielli! Another political affiliation! Gasp! Actually, I dated a really really conservative Republican (he felt that Rush was too liberal) for a few years, possibly as part of a late teenage rebellion.

Tracie, Ellie seems better today, no accidents today or yesterday. Here's hoping that it was just irritation from the bubbles, and not an actual infection. Perhaps because she's been on antibiotics for a sinus infection!

Tracey, thank you. : ) And, I think that occasional bubble baths are safe for most kids, at least those who aren't prone to UTIs!

Cathy P said...

I love the outfit you have her in I'm sure there were some snikkers at the polling place :).

As for the UTI's W/ Bubble Bath. My sister was having the same problem with my niece we finally figured out that it was due to the bubble bath and to figure we were only using the baby bubble bath :(