Monday, February 11, 2008

Getting Things Done

Did you know that Kozy Shack makes sugar free tapioca? They do, and it's pretty good. (I gave up sugar for Lent. And I have decided that Sundays don't count. After all, they're not counted in the 40 days.) Resuming exercise will have to wait until this blasted fever is finally gone gone gone. Is bronchitis supposed to be a chronic condition? I feel like a walking plague, especially since my girls seem to be getting colds.

Despite all being a bit off, we had a very productive weekend here. On Saturday morning, Paul and I took the girls to a Parents as Teachers event that they both loved, and Sunday we all went to church. Other than that, we spent most of our time working around the house.

We cleaned the bathrooms, dusted and cleaned the front rooms, did lots of laundry (and folded it, and put it away) and organized throughout the rest of the house, especially in the girls' rooms. We also spent hours downstairs in the basement, slowly putting it back together after its big painting experience a couple of weeks ago.

(There was also writing, good stuff, but that story can wait for another day.)

We're supposed to have company next weekend, though I'll almost be surprised if they still want to come. (Sickness, violence, bad weather, who could blame them for wanting to stay home?!) Hey, Monroes, Kirkwood is still a lovely, safe place, if an imperfect one.

But if they decided to surprise us by showing up a few days early, we'd be ready for them. Our house is in decent shape! And no last-minute rushing-around necessary; we were just keeping up with things like responsible adult people. Imagine that.

Out of Chaos, Hope.
Build for Life.


Rob Monroe said...

I would not imagine skipping a trip to see you this weekend. We work through sickness pretty well, live in a place that is 1,000 times more violent than Kirkwood (even on its' worst day), and our weather is your weather, just two days later.

Your no sugar for lent will be helpful for kick-starting our better-eating that we've been after for a while, too!

Anny Monroe said...

I don't think you could keep us away at this point. I have also decided that we have to have company come stay with us every couple of months, just so the house gets cleaned.

We cleaned in October before Abby's baptism, then again in December before Nana and Grampa came to visit... Actually, Rob has been really helpful, but we never seem to have everything done at the same time. If we dusted and vacuumed, the bathrooms are disgusting. If the bathrooms are clean, the kitchen is gross.

But playing with Abby is much more fun than dusting...

Sarahlynn said...

We are looking forward to seeing you! Don't count on me for healthy eating motivation, though, I'm a good midwestern hostess who takes pride in feeding visitors near unto death.

Speaking of which, is there a particular type of food I should have for Abby?

Anny, I know that cycle very well! And I find lots of things more fun than cleaning. Like the TV, or books, or . . . filing my fingernails, watching paint dry, etc. Anything at all!