Sunday, September 30, 2007

Way Up High

Apples, apples, way up high
I can reach them if I try
Climb a ladder, hold on tight
Pick an apple, take a bite
Apples, apples, way up high
I can reach them if I try.

This is the very first new song that Ellie learned in preschool and came home singing, expecting me to join in with her. But I couldn't, because I didn't know the song. I sat in on "closing circle" one day last fall and learned the tune, then looked up the lyrics on the internet when we got home, and we've been singing it together - complete with Ellie-led hand gestures - ever since.

It's so wonderful, as she learns things that I haven't been teaching her. And it's so scary, too, not least because I'm often not very good at understanding her yet, though she tries so earnestly to tell me so very many things.

It's scarier still that I'm so much better than others at understanding her, as she increasingly makes her own way in the world. But we're busy celebrating successes here today, and "apples" is one of the words that Ellie can say very clearly indeed.

"Apples" were the theme for the September STLBloggers Carnival.


Rob Monroe said...

We get a daily report of books they read (to) with Abby and songs they sung (to) with her too. We have downloaded several so that she hears the same stuff in the car and at home that she does at school.

So - do you want to go apple picking when you're in MD? It's one of the choices for how to spend part of Saturday. Also thinking about the Zoo.....

Sarahlynn said...

Both options sound lovely, though we won't be able to bring any apples back home with us! Another option: the Baltimore Science Center? I've never been, but a good friend of my parents is the director there (you might have met him at our wedding). Third option: Paul's never been to the harbor, which is quite lovely . . .
Fourth option: stay home and relax! We're up for anything, as long as there are plenty of clean potties close by. For Ellie, not for me.

Rob Monroe said...

Wait - so I need two potties? A clean one for Ellie and a not clean one for you? :o)

Sarahlynn said...

No worries, Rob! I always travel with my own Jonny-on-the-Spot. And a porter to carry it!