Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Still Legal, Just More of Me

The Department of Motor Vehicles opened at 9:00 this morning, and Ada and I were out of there by 9:10 with my new driver's license - less than a week after the old one expired! We've been running errands all morning, and as I open my wallet to pay for things, it's weird to see a different picture of myself peeking up from my wallet; I'd had the last one for about 6 years.

But it was a momentous occasion not just because I got my picture taken, but because I finally changed my driver's license weight. I'd already decided to do it, though I wasn't sure which "goal weight" I'd choose.

After I sailed through the documentation presentation (passport, previous driver's license, current bank statement, and social security number), vision test, and identification of street signs portions of the process, she began asking me the usual questions:

Do you wear contacts, or just your glasses?
Are you registered to vote?
Do you want to be an organ donor?

(Both - though not at the same time, yes, yes)

You're 5'4"?
135 pounds?

She was looking right at me! With a straight face!

I laughed and told her what I weighed when I got pregnant with Ada, which is, presumably, a realistic goal.


Seasonal said...

I actually weighed what I said I did on my LAST driver's license, but when I renewed, I downsized to where I'd like to about 20 more pounds :)

deb said...

You know, the weight thing - it's kinda stupid if you ask me because I don't think male cops know how to judge weight on a woman anyway.

Case in point, about six years ago, I blew through a stop sign at the Baltimore airport and got nabbed by a cop. I had driven down from Jersey to see a midwestern friend who was in town, so I'd never been to this airport in my life and was way beyond confused. I actually burst into tears. That sometimes works and I cry at the drop of a hat anyway.

The cop took pity on me - didn't issue a summons, but rather a warning. Weight is not listed on the NJ license, so he had to guess.

Bless that kind man's heart, he estimated me to be 105 pounds. That was at least 25 pounds off in the favorable direction. (Maybe he did that so I wouldn't start crying again.)

I think it is probably better to use someone's height combine with "small, medium, large and supersize build" as the description. Weight is a hard thing to estimate for most people. AND SO EMOTIONALLY LOADED.