Monday, July 16, 2007

What's Real

I'd had some relaxing massages. (I had one on Saturday, in fact, to help recuperate from the vacation.) I've had some great sex. I've had some exhilarating athletic experiences.

But nothing feels better than the touch of a small child. An infant, stroking my arm as she nurses. A preschooler, idly playing with my fingers as she sits on my lap listening to me read her a story. Nothing feels better than this.

If only a kiss or a touch from Mommy could fix any problem, always and forever.

I am encouraged by where my marriage is right now. There are still big problems, huge hurdles, no assurance of success. But, finally, there's progress. Finally, I'm beginning to understand what happened, what went wrong. I am someone who needs to understand, who needs to know. So this is important progress for me.


thistle said...

I'm really glad for you, and hoping things continue to improve.

Also, if you can go on a vacation together with two small children, and come back in a good place? That can only be a good sign :p

ccw said...

Happy that things are progressing in the direction you want.

And no, there is nothing better than the sweet touch of a child.

Yankee T said...

I haven't been over here in ages-I'm here to tell you now, as the parent of 2 19-year olds and a 15-year old, that the touch of a child remains the sweetest touch. When I, at 5 feet tall, have my 5-foot 8 daughter draped all over me, I am in heaven.

Glad your marriage is heading toward health. I admire you for your openness and your dedication to your family.

Gosling said...

I love hope (and massages!). Thanks for sharing your vacation, too.

Unrelated: I need to ask you a question and can't find an e-mail address for you here. Would you mind sending me one at graygosling at gmail dot com? Many thanks!!


Psycho Kitty said...

This is good to read. I'm glad to hear it.

PPB said...

good news.

Sarahlynn said...

Thanks, Thistle! And there were definately some tough moment surrounding the trip, but I think by now we expect it to be hard, which helps.

Thanks, CCW. Me too!

Yankee, that is so good to hear! I'm glad this good stuff continues. Also, thank you.

Thanks, Gosling! Email snet.

PK, it's a long way home, but when I called you late at night last fall, I never could have imagined being where I am today.

PPB, it really, really is. Is your trip coming up soon? I like your trip blogs. I'm woefully behind on blog-reading (and writing) currently, though.