Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Paul says I'm lying through my teeth, but my mom is here to back me up.

"Well, it did sound a lot like that," she said.

Paul and I went out to dinner tonight, taking advantage of my mom being in town to watch the girls. Both girls lit up when they saw me walk into Ellie's room, where they were cuddled up with my mom, reading stories.

When she saw me, Ada broke into a huge grin, reached out both arms to me, and said, well, you know. Something that sounded a lot like "Mamamama!" Precocious 5-month-old!

Both girls are doing amazing things lately.

Ada: As soon as we got back from Scotland, in late June, Ada promptly cut her first two teeth, one a week before the other. Of course, she enjoyed spending much of this time chomping on my nipples.

She's also learned to flip over from her front to her back, though she's far less accomplished at the reverse maneuver. This resulted in a sleepless night or two while she compulsively flipped over and then cried for me to come right her so that she could repeat the process.

Sitting is still an emerging skill. It goes well until the inevitable slow topple. She loves shaking a rattle at her interactive Eeyore doll, making him sing and flap his ears at her.

Ellie and Ada share the same favorite toy, a very odd-looking and skinny stuffed chicken with lots of textures, crinkles, etc. It's a baby toy, and when I pulled it out of a little used toy box to give to Ada, Ellie said, "I love dis chicken!" and promptly took it off to her room. Now, Ada whines for it in turn, and they share it - if somewhat grudgingly.

Ellie is doing amazing things too. For one thing, she can run now! Faster than I can walk! She's also talking up a storm, carrying on conversations, lying, bossing, all that good three-year-old stuff. Some of her favorites (and mine):
What dat sound?
No tankyou.
I Eleanor.
I sweepy too.
I ant some too."
Ahm OK (even when she's still crying)
She used to say, "OK" for "yes," then "oh," for one odd day, and now, "Oh, sure"
Oh, hi!
"muzzz" has become "shoe-kick" (music, as in "diffnt shoe-kick!" or, "I like dis song" - she's currently into Sugar Ray)
"Elmo" for "Nemo," her favorite movie.
Unfavorites: Wookame (look at me, usually a whine) and "Mamahelpme"/Dadahelpme/Grammahelpme (always a whine!)

Edited to add a couple more.
While Ellie can say "yes," she prefers synonyms of her own devising, the latest of which is, "Of course!" With a grin.
And just today (Thursday) I deciphered another Ellie-ism. "Wishawishawishawee" is actually, "open this, please." Very useful! Her oldest words are often the hardest to understand, as she has gotten used to saying them in her own special (adorable) ways.

She's taking swimming lessons - still parent child, I'm afraid - and really enjoying the water this summer. Up next: the back float!


Rob Monroe said...

So So SO excited to enjoy the girls company this weekend!

Almost there!

Jessica said...

I'm still reflecting on her response when I came in to her room the other day and asked if she was putting Dora pants on Elmo.....

"Of course."

Sarahlynn said...

Rob, I get to meet your baby in, like, half an hour!

Jessica, thank you! I'd forgotten that one, which I love dearly.

Victoria/Beachcomber said...

I just love hearing about their progress! Thanks for updating us. :)