Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Pot of Gold

When I trip and fall into a big pot of money, this is what I want to buy:
  • the lot behind my in-laws' house, so that no one can build there, blocking the amazing mountain view from their deck.
  • a red Mustang convertible for my mother-in-law
  • a professional digital camera for my father-in-law
  • all the infertility treatments that my sister-in-law wants
  • pay off my sisters' student loans
  • professional financial advice for my parents, and a bit of something toward their nest egg. And maybe a professional organization consultant and/or housekeeper while I'm at it. Not to mention a great nearby "skilled care facility" for my grandfather.

After getting out of debt, of course. And buying lots of cool things for Ellie from Magic Cabin and Back to Basics Toys. And hiring someone to come watch Ellie sometimes so that I can write, or Paul and I can go out and do fun stuff on our own. And paying for something that Paul needs but won't do for himself. Nudge, nudge, honey.


none said...

Oh yeah. I get the pot of gold thoughts too. It´s good to dream. :)

Sarahlynn said...

It is! I put myself to sleep at night with dreams like this . . .