Saturday, April 30, 2005

Jolly Jolly Jessica

When we were little, my mom had songs that she'd sing to my sisters and me in the bathtub. She made the songs up around our names: Silly Silly Sarah, Jolly Jolly Jessica, and Giggly Giggly Grace.

I can't find one for Ellie. Any suggestions?


Anne said...

Why not Jelly Belly Ellie?

Redhead Editor said...

I subconsiously gave both my daughters 5-lettered names so I could sing B-I-N-G-O to them. Try it.

There was a mom who had a girl
Her name was little Ellie
And Ellie was her name OH!

Or El El El Ellie, beautiful Ellie, you're the only G-G-G-Girl that I adore.

Do I need to come over there and teach you old songs?

chasmyn said...

I like both of those, and what came to mind was "edible Ellie!" - but that's because I love to eat tose cute babies all up! lol

Elegant Ellie! Hee.

I like Jelly Belly Ellie.

genevieve said...

Wow I think mums write the best songs there are. But if you're short a few, try this old book by Beatrice Landeck, Songs to Grow On.
There's a great song in there, Jenny Jenkins - and plenty of them can be changed around.
That Jelly Belly Ellie has a lot of potential!!

PPB said...

I got nuthin'
but I'm glad you've got smarter cooks around to stir this brew. I still sing my little girl songs to myself sometimes.

Zoe said...

I came up with Elegant too. Elemental? Earnest? Hmm.

Sarahlynn said...

Thank you for all the suggestions!

Anne, I was hoping to go more for a character trait than a body part, but Jelly Belly Ellie is certainly cute - even for my tall, thin little girl! (There's no jelly on her belly.)

I like evervescent, but it's not very catchy.