Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Weekly Menu

In December I like to eat out. A lot. I crave Mexican food, Italian food, Red Robin. I want warmth and comfort and calories. So I have to make sure that my frig is stocked with stuff I really want to eat at home or we'll be out every night.

As you may know, I make a(n almost) weekly menu and post it on the frig along with what's going on each day. Here's this week:

This was supposed to be a meat/wine/mushroom crockpot deal but due to timing ended up being a wine-free skillet hamburger stroganoff type of dish. With peas over egg noodles.

Lamb meatballs in a North African sauce over garlicy pearled couscous with glazed carrots.

Slow Cooker BBQ pork. There's a lot of Christmas prep going on here and I might wimp out and use a bottled sauce. Served on wheat buns with kosher dills, salad, and some sort of vegetable.

Paul and the girls will be out; Teddy and I will enjoy baked chicken breast. Possibly some yogurt and something in the vegetable family.

Leftovers, yo

Pizza and a movie night! Going frozen this week.

Well, I might just get my comfort food out this week, after all. :)

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Rob Monroe said...

We crock-potted turkey breasts yesterday - too dry. Ugh. I knew better. Made a great turkey salad out of it, though! :)