Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Unconnected Thoughts

Anecdote the first:

Ada and I are home together working on math: number recognition, what-comes-next, greater than/less than. Also on tonight's lesson plan: turn taking and good sportsmanship.

We're watching Big Ten Volleyball.

Anecdote the second:

I'd forgotten a few things about exercise. For example, I'd forgotten how much I hurt all over for the next couple of days after a good workout. Also, related to the first thing I'd forgotten: to stretch afterwards.

Connective Tissue:

None. My brain seems to be working in these little bite-sized nuggets lately, which is why I'm doing a lot more Facebook status updates than blog posts.


Barrie said...

I never remember to stretch afterwards either.

Sarahlynn said...

With your career and 4 kids, I'm impressed you remember to exercise!

trishag said...

My brain works in bite-sized nuggets, too. And I never remember to stretch. Or watch volleyball.