Monday, August 15, 2011

Hi, Hi

I'm still here; we're just trying to figure out this sleep thing.

In the meantime, yes, more pictures. Here's hoping they really are worth a thousand words!

We are 36, 34, 7-1/2, 4-1/2, and 4 months. The girls had a shared "half birthday" special celebration day to remind us all that It's Not Just About the Baby around here. We're having a great summer with lots of day camps and swimming and family fun indoors. The heat has been terrible, though (glad it's finally relenting!).

What else for a quick note? Four months old, Teddy's chewing on his fingers like crazy, wearing 9 month clothes (!), chatty chatty chatty with the baby coos, and starting to roll over from time to time. He gets stuck in his crib occasionally and needs help rolling back the other way. The other day he wrapped himself up like a burrito in his playmat on the floor by rolling while his feet were on opposite sides of one of the arches. He thinks nearly everything is hilarious, especially his two big sisters. Off to bed with me!


Anonymous said...

Cute pictures. I love the colors!

Sarahlynn said...

Thank you, me, too! I especially liked that we used our everyday summer clothe and didn't have to get special clothes for picture day. :)

brooke said...

Dear Ellie and Ada -
You are simply gorgeous. No, you are beyond gorgeous, but I'm not sure what is beyond gorgeous, well, except if I use your names as adjectives.

Dear Ellie -
You are stupendously happy. How do you do it? If you could tell your mother so she could blog about it I would be tremendously appreciative.

Dear Teddy -
Can I chomp on your cheeks for a bit? They look utterly delectable.

One of those people on the internets.

Sarahlynn said...

Brooke, thank you! I worry that Ellie is *unhappy* and that I'm doing everything wrong as a parent, so this is especially nice to hear. :)

(You're right about Teddy's cheeks.)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family!