Monday, August 22, 2011

First Days

Last week saw Ellie's first day of second grade (second grade!) and Ada's first day of Pre-K. Wow. People aren't kidding when they say that "it goes by so fast." I think childhood is like a glacier. At first there's so little perspective that you barely feel like you're moving and then, all of a sudden, your child is counting the moments until she's old enough to sit in the front seat (age 12 - Ellie knows she has just over 4 years to go) and talking about going away to college. Zoom, momentum.

Oh, also, another first last week:

(Other quick Teddy notes for my later reference: size 2 diapers, blowing lots of raspberries, and rolling over onto his tummy in the middle of the night, getting stuck, and furiously screaming for help. Hilarious. Three bouts this summer of clogged duct with pain and fever: less funny.)


RobMonroe said...

Is Ada some sort of School-Oriented T-Rex? :)

I really do love Ellie's new glasses. I will also keep reminding her of that, but it's true, too!!

Sarahlynn said...

No need, she's lost TWO PAIRS so far this year. Both at home. So by "lost" I guess I mean "very successfully hidden." :(