Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Electric Youth!

Did you ever wear Debbie Gibson's Electric Youth perfume in 1980's? I did.

Imagine my surprise when, after slathering my face with my brand-new overnight cream, I discovered what Revlon Cosmetics did with their leftover stock of the fragrance: apparently they sold it to Oil of Olay!

On an unrelated note, this morning started out oddly. Paul got the girls dressed and Ellie out to her bus while I slept in. (I slept late not because I'm lazy but rather because I was up early with the baby.) So far nothing unusual.

Paul showered and dressed for work as I fed Teddy (again) and helped Ada apply sunscreen. As we gathered in the kitchen for last minute cups of coffee and snacks to go, Paul looked down at the baby.

"I'm taking Teddy to work this morning."

OK! "You might want to grab a bottle out of the frig and a clean outfit from the dresser. Diaper bag's in the car."

I took Ada to Camp Tiny Tots, grocery shopped all by myself, then picked up Teddy from Paul's office around 10:00 am. It was lovely to have an hour or so to myself this morning. But I think the best part of it was the sheer spontaneity. And it worked out great! Paul loved showing off his son at work, Teddy grinned and giggled at everyone, and I got a week's worth of grocery shopping done in 30 minutes.

Lovely start to the day, even if my face does smell a little funny.

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