Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Where I Work

I have a corner office, but this isn't as glamorous as it sounds. For one thing, it's in a corner of my living room. For another, it's a bit drafty there near all the windows. And, possibly related to the draftiness, when it pours rain occasionally my to-be-filed pile gets completely soaked.

But the view and the light are lovely. Plus, I get to work in my pajamas and the commute can't be beat.


Barrie said...

I'm impressed with how neat your work area is. If you saw mine? YIKES!

Sarahlynn said...

It's a very tiny space in the midst of common living space, which forces me to keep my stuff in neat piles, at least. (Also note the handy file boxes.) My natural working area clutter can best be described as "yikes," too, and I hope to get back to that as soon as we create a true office space for me. (My office space will be in the area currently used as my husband's workshop once we eventually build a larger shed/workshop on the other side of the carport . . . and all this ties neatly back to your previous comment about home improvement projects!)